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Cross Canada Adventures

About The Author





 Born in Vancouver, I have lived on Vancouver Island since 1959.  My wife and I now live in Qualicum Beach.  In my retirement I enjoy  travelling, a little woodworking, old cars and motorcycles and spending time writing books for my grandchildren.




About The Book

In 1970, I put on a backpack  and spent the summer hitchhiking  from the Pacific to the Atlantic and back.




Forty -odd  years later as a retiree, I was on the road again. This time in a campervan.

In this one-of-a-kind book the threads of each story are woven together with a mix of wonder, laughter, danger, and even a bit of romance. The stories from  the teenage trip tell of the "drunkards, drug dealers, murderers, lunatics and loose women" that my mother warned me about.  The campervan narrative takes a different look at the places and the people to be found crossing the country.  Part geography, part history and part tongue-in-cheek, this lighthearted book will make you long to be on the road , or at least find a comfortable chair to sit and read in.