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 Born in Vancouver, Ralph started school in 1958.  In an incredible show of determination he kept going to school until 2008 when he decided he had all the fun he could get out of it.    Along with school he tried a few sidelines in his off time.

   To support his college days he worked summers as a logger for a while, planting and harvesting trees. He also cooked and drove delivery for restaurants in the winter. Later on,  summer jobs included day camp for children and being the caretaker for a biological station (he got to feed the sharks). Then he tried farming: milking a few cows, keeping pigs and chickens, and selling milk, meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables. He found there was better money in building or renovating and selling houses so he did that a dozen times. He has always liked to fish, fix up old cars and motorcycles and write stories for kids and adults. A resolute DIY guy he most recently built a campervan and rebuilt a 36 foot wooden boat.

Ralph is also the co-founder and president of the Pan-Errington Games.


  His next book is a collection of stories about  some of the more than 50 old automobiles that he has had both the good and bad fortune to come across.

  The working title is          VEHICULARITY     -     The lighter side of life  (with automobiles)