Move to the country and build you a home....

It's the 70's, and you have moved to the village of Errington

on an island on the west coast of Canada.  

The area was settled in the early 1900s  when lots of small farms were carved out of the forest.  

But by the 60s and 70s  the original farmers were getting  old.  

You are part of the wave of new farmers.

So as you roll your way  around the board you must try to buy  a small farm and all that goes with it.  

The formula  is-    Land + house + barn + well + vehicle + livestock + fences = WIN!

Sounds simple - right?   Well  maybe not.  

All the way round the board there are costs and calamities that threaten your homestead. 

You must be careful not to use up your savings or the game is over. 

Sometimes you may get lucky,   but -  you may also fall victim to the evil Shit Fairy.


(This game was discovered  during an archaelogical expedition

into the storage room in the basement, in a box labeled  " Errington 1974".)

Errington 2.0   It's  nearly ready for release- should be good to go November 1

You can order one below.    $25 plus shipping,  Thanks

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