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        Cross Canada Adventures 



The Great Canadian Road Trip - Times 2!


How would you like to go coast to coast in Canada for less than $20?

Come along with the author for a three month road trip in an old cantankerous campervan.


 And to keep it interesting, a second story is woven into the book;

as a naive young hitchhiker, he went solo coast to coast in 1970.


This irreverent continent-wide commentary starts on the west coast.  Read about gangsters who drive their car out on the sand and into the sea to get away from the cops. On the plains you can be caught in a thunderstorm and be transported to a campground right out of the Twilight Zone.

 Meet a great lakes freighter pilot stranded at the Welland canal and help him get over the security fence and back on his ship. Stand under the thunderous roar and spray of Niagara falls.  In the Maritimes, you can take stairs down 50 feet and walk on the ocean floor when the water goes out, but watch out, there are tides that can come in faster than you can stay ahead of them. 

  Enjoy the flashbacks to 1970 - unwittingly smuggling dope across the US border, fighting off evil clowns in a Canada Day parade, and falling in love in the Rocky Mountains.

The immense geography of Canada serves as the background for this tongue-in- cheek narration of 30,000 kilometers of stories.  Come along on an armchair journey;  life, luck, and lots of laughs.



The places and people… will bring a knowing smile to the face of anyone who has made the same journey and a gentle pang of regret to those who always knew they should have.”-Bob Collins





Our marmot mascot and a local marmot girl.   



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Mountain climbing made easy!





The prairies




  Drumheller Dinosaurs!


   Historical girls and a technicolour buffalo?

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                                          The Maritimes          alt                          


  Looking for lobster....

(or maybe the way home.)



 Cross Canada Adventures is a great trip.





It contains a bit of history and a little geography.

( It'll make you smarter)





and twenty thousand

kilometres of fun and adventures!